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Selected Research

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"Reducing Prejudice Towards Refugees in Uganda: Evidence that Social Networks Influence

Attitude Change"

with Janet I. Lewis 

Working Paper, Under Review

"Sometimes Less is More: When Aggregating Networks Masks Effects"

with Pedro Rodríguez

In Complex Networks and their Applications, 2022

"From Chatter to Action: How Social Networks Inform and Motivate in Rural Uganda"

with Janet I. Lewis and Pedro Rodríguez

British Journal of Political Science, 2022

"Networks of Conflict and Cooperation"

Annual Review of Political Science, 2021

"Measuring Networks in the Field"

Political Science Research and Methods, 2020

"#polisci Twitter: A Descriptive Analysis of How Political Scientists Use Twitter in 2019"

with James Bisbee and Kevin Munger

Perspectives on Politics, 2020

"Social Networks and Protest Participation: Evidence from 130 Million Twitter Users"

with Jonathan Nagler, Jonathan Ronen and Joshua A. Tucker

American Journal of Political Science, 2019

"How Social Media Shapes the Character and Success of Protests" 

in Protest and Democracy, 2019

"Rumors, Kinship Networks, and Rebel Group Formation"

with Janet I. Lewis

International Organization, 2018

"Ethnic Networks"

with Janet I. Lewis

American Journal of Political Science, 2017

"Networks and Interethnic Cooperation"

Journal of Politics, 2017

"Testing Social Science Network Theories with Online Network Data: An Evaluation of External Validity"

with James Bisbee

American Political Science Review, 2017

"The Weakness of Weak Ties for Novel Information Diffusion"

Applied Network Science, 2017

"Why the West Became Wild: Informal Governance with Incomplete Networks"

World Politics, 2017

"Interethnic Conflict and the Potential Dangers of Cross-Group Ties"

Journal of Peace Research, 2016

"Information Diffusion in Heterogeneous Groups"

in Complex Networks and their Applications, 2016

"The Evolutionary Advantage of Limited Network Knowledge"

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2016

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