"Ethnic Networks" with Janet I. Lewis

American Journal of Political Science, 2017

"Interethnic Conflict and the Potential Dangers of Cross-Group Ties"

Journal of Peace Research, 2016


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"Networks and Interethnic Cooperation"

Journal of Politics, 2017

"The Evolutionary Advantage of Limited Network Knowledge"

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2016

"Information Diffusion in Heterogeneous Groups"

in Complex Networks and Their Applications, Springer2017

"Testing Social Science Network Theories with Online Network Data: An Evaluation of External Validity"
with James Bisbee
American Political Science Review, 2017
Formerly titled "Online and Offline Social Networks"
"The Weakness of Weak Ties for Novel Information Diffusion"
Applied Network Science, 2017
"Why the West Became Wild: Informal Governance with Incomplete Networks"
World Politics, 2017
Formerly titled "Cheating Because They Can: The Role of Networks in Informal Governance"
"Rumors, Kinship Networks and Rebel Group Formation" with Janet I. Lewis

Forthcoming, International Organization

"Social Networks and Protest Participation: Evidence from 130 Million Twitter Users" with Jonathan Nagler, Jonathan Ronen, and Joshua A. Tucker
Under Review, R&R
"Measuring Networks in the Field" with Janet I. Lewis
Under Review, R&R
"From Chatter to Action: How Social Networks Inform and Motivate in Rural Uganda" with Janet I. Lewis and Pedro Rodríguez

Under Review

"Handling Incompletely-Sampled Networks"

In Preparation